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It is a flood plain that starts from the river Teesta in the East and stretches until the river Sankoshi towards the west. It is a flood plain and is popular for its untouched greenery and richness in forest and wildlife. Its name is said to be derived from its position as the Gateway to Bhutan and acts as a Door. It is a great sightseeing wonder which shall never fail to impress you. The main aspects of the Dooars would be its mighty mountain ranges, Himalayan backdrop, Green forest and the rich Flora and Fauna that is abundant here. As you enter Dooars, you will be greeted with an Aroma of the Tea Gardens and the glittering streams that the Dooars boast of. Its wilderness and green has carried on from years and have been successfully maintained until now. It’s really amazing how the conservation of wilderness has been implemented here in the best natural form possible. There are many places like Jhalong and others which also make a great place for some day tour.

history of dooars

History of Dooars

The wilderness and green blanket of Dooars provide an excellent platform for wildlife and nature enthusiast to explore but do you know anything about its history that unfolded? The Dooars actually belonged to the Koch Dynasty and was taken over by the Bhutanese and again it was annexed by the British after the war of 1865, Bhutan war. The area of Dooars were divided into two parts, one which merged with Goalpara district and the western part named Western Dooars. The name of the Dooars changed to Jalpaiguri around the year 1869 and after the British left, the area was soon subdued under the Union of India shortly after 1949.

Places to go

Gorumara National Park

It is probably the best area of the Dooars that tourist decide to visit first. Gorumara is a National park that has served as a wildlife protected area and was awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Forest in the year 2009. Its surreal environment and its dense forests provide a wild experience. The main gem of Gorumara is the Indian Rhinocerous that can be found here.

Jaldapara National Park

It is another part National park that is famous especially for the unique and exquisite collection of birds that can be seen here abundantly. Travelers from around India can be seen here, for a natural dose of wildlife and nature. If you are lucky you may also see the Rufous Necked Hornbill or the Bengal Florican.

Chapramari Forest Reserve

The oldest forest reserve of West Bengal which is also very popular among wildlife enthusiast. IF you are here for the Elephant, you definitely are in the best place. This Forest reserve is known for occasional wild elephant sightseeing which is very common here. There is also a watchtower which provides excellent views of the birds, elephants and gaur.


The area is named after the stream that flows here. Murti is another hotspot of sightseeing and picnics which is very popular among the locals and tourists. It is surrounded by lush sub tropical forest and is in itself a serene river valley. You can also spice it up here and try camping near the stream. It feels great just sitting here doing nothing but listening to the gurgling of river stream.

Buxa Reserve

Located very near to the Indo-Bhutan border is the 15th tiger reserve of India, the famous Buxa Tiger Reserve. It was a great reserve known for its great conservation techniques for wildlife. The most seen wildlife here would be Clouded leopard and wild bisons and tourist lso enjoy trekking through its forest to check out the historical Buxa Fort remains.

Lepchakha Village

A tiring trek uphill through the Buxa forest shall reach you to this Lepchakha Village which is a highest point of Buxa National park. It is one of the top few scenic viewpoints in the Dooars and offers excellent views of the 12 rivers which flow through Dooars which looks like snakes crossing the plains below. It is a scenic hamlet whose beauty is very hard to be expressed through words.

Rocky Island

As the name suggests, it is a small but scenic River Island consisting of gigantic rocks on the banks of river Murti. It is quite popular among the locals famous for weekend trips and lately it has gained huge popularity for being a good camping site with the glittering night sky and the sound of the gushing river stream to sleep to.