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It is a perfect location of peace and adventure which can be found in the most perfect balance here. The inflow of global tourist here is yearlong and there are also many foreigners who came here and decided to stay in Nepal permanently. The country has so much secrets and history that is too huge to be discovered all at once. Nepal is also the first Hindu Nation of the world and once had a king that looked after the country. The country is filled with religious wonders and temples which of very high religious values and are visited for pilgrimage. The country is also a Buddhist pilgrimage and has many pilgrims related to Lord Buddha. The most exciting aspect of the country would be Mt. Everest, the highest mountain of the world which also makes the nation, a Mecca of mountaineering. Nepal is also referred to as the roof of the world as it homes some of the highest peaks of the world. Adventure is part of your travel when your destination is Nepal.

history of nepal

History of Nepal

Nepal has a rich history but somewhere do not have solid evidence to backup the same. Before Nepal’s existence as a nation in the late 18th century, Nepal only included Katmandu valley and the surroundings. There is no solid evidence of who controlled Nepal in its earlier times but there are references in the Mahabharata, Puranas and in Buddhist scriptures about Nepal being a independent entity then. The first solid documented history of Nepal started with the inscriptions at the Changu Narayan Temple during the Rule of Lihavi Dynasty (464- 505AD). The Vamshavali which was influenced from older manuscripts is the most reliable source of information about the history of Nepal. The chronicle mentions that Nepal was ruled by a few of the dynasties like the Gopalas, Kiratas and the Abhiras.

Places to go


It is a beautiful place located besides the beautiful Phewa Lake. It is very beautiful and is among the top visited places of Nepal. Its beauty is really amazing but do not just restrict it to beauty because there are more adventure opportunities that can be done here like Paragliding and is also the gateway to the Annapurana Circuit. It also has River named Seti that allows people to enjoy water rafting in its challenging currents.


The capital of Nepal is the most alive and happening places within Nepal and is also the hub of all major sectors that flourish in Nepal. The city provides enormous opportunities for adventure and a great night life after wee hours. The city has many clubs and pubs which should guarantee you a perfect night. While in Nepal, Thamel is one of the most engaging places where you will see varied cultures and even tourist, co existing in harmony.


It is a surreal and scenic hill station which is an offbeat delight providing the most amazing views of the Himalayan Mountains. You can come here for peace and rejuvenate your soul to the best of views. While you stay here, the amazing sight of the surrounding mountains is a normal window sight that is free and makes you leave everything and live here so that you could wake up to such views each day. Honeymoon couples can also find their best of vacation here and should suit the occasion best.


It is one of the most religious parts of Nepal with many Hindu Temples and architectural magnificence. The area has prominent art and designed to exhibit the culture that Nepal has been through since its formation and existence. There is also a Durbar Square which should be a great location to visit while you are here. Major damage was caused by the devastating earthquake of 2015 but there are still many restored buildings and temples that should amaze you.

Sagarmatha National Park

The tourism sector flourishes in Nepal and most of its revenue is generated through this location and the adventure opportunities it provides therein. The park is probably the closest you can get to see Mt. Everest. The park spreads in an area of about 1148 sq/km and besides Mt. Everest, it also homes few other peaks like Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Nuptse, Thamserku, Ama Dablam and Pumori. Sagarmatha is the most ideal destination for trekking and offers great views of the Himalayan Range.


If exploring the wild and the wildlife is your kind of adventure, Chitwan is the place you must visit first. It also received a World Heritage Site status from UNESCO and is a great reservoir to many varied species of Flora and Fauna. The wildlife here consists of exquisite animals like the one horned Rhinoceros and also houses about 544 species of birds which surely cannot be done within a day. So, if you want to explore the whole of Chitwan, do not come here for just a day.


There are barely a few people who haven’t read about Lord Gautam Buddha and his birthplace, the Lumbini. Even if you are non devotional, its myth and history should be aazing enough to bring you here. It is also a pilgrimage site which is frequently visited by Buddhist worldwide. This sacred place has a charm of its own and provides a peaceful serenity to replenish your soul to its soothing ambiance. There are also many monasteries here where you can see the prayer sessions and also be part of the peaceful atmosphere there.